Our photo book lines.

We have 2 different photo book lines for you to choose from – Silverbook and Silverino.
We print on identical papers using identical exposure equipment for both the Silverbook and the Silverino, so the image quality and colour reproduction are absolutely identical too. Our assortment of cover materials and customization options can be combined with the Silverbook as well as with the Silverino.
The main difference between them is how they are bound.
The Silverbook is bound by hand, page for page. In between each page of the book, we bind in a backing material that makes the pages very strong and firm. In the Silverino, the backs of the photo paper are glued together directly, giving the album its thinner, more flexible pages. We also add front and back endpapers to our Silverbook, as well as an endband. This option is not available for the Silverino.

Silverbook (left) and Silverino compared by same amount of pages.


Bound for life.

Memories fade, digital data gets lost. Memories that really last are captured on real photo paper. Often, photos are stored on a CD or USB stick. But these kinds of data storage may run into problems even in a space of just 10 years, because nobody knows whether devices that can read your digital data will be around then. Technical innovations and developments quickly overtake today’s standards and make them obsolete.
Because “real” (traditionally developed) photo paper has a lifetime of between 130 and 150 years, you can be sure that valuable memories will still be around in many years to come, for today’s children, their children, and their children’s children.
In our studio, your pictures are developed on real photo paper using the latest technology and crafted by our master bookbinders with careful attention to detail, experience and a lot of skill – that is how, in the truest sense, we make your memories »bound for life« .