Go beneath the surface.

We use for the silverbook one Kodak and four Fuji digital papers:
NEW Velvet (V) / pure-matt finish
Pearl matt (E)/lustre finish
Silk (Y)/textured finish
Glossy (F)/high-gloss finish

Kodak Premier Metallic in:
Metallic/pearly finish


Razor sharp.

Offering outstanding colour space and incredible definition, Kodak’s Premier Metallic and Fuji’s Crystal Archive DP II digital papers are ideally suited to portrait, wedding and promotional photography. Skin tones turn out perfectly, captions and graphics are razor sharp.


Mix and match.

Your album is produced solely at our atelier in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, meaning it’s literally »all in our hands«. That’s why we can offer a mix of finishes – at no extra cost! All you have to do is include the name of the finish you require in the page filename.
(e.g. double page_01_Metallic.jpg)


More than a supporting role.

The double page exposures are mounted on cardboard grade backing materials in three different weights:

120 g (white)
300 g (white oder black)
700 g (white oder black)

Thanks to the patented hot-bonding method there’s no chance of any air becoming trapped between photo and backing paper.


The choice is yours.

You select the number of pages you require. If the 10-38* double pages offered by our online configurator prove insufficient, then simply drop us a line and we’ll come up with a solution.

*300 g backing material. 700 g max. 30 double pages, 120 g max. 45 double pages