Offering you hand-crafted silverino in a choice of 3 formats:

Mini 12 x 12 cm
20 x 20 cm
27 x 20 cm
30 x 30 cm
40 x 30 cm



A single submission of your file layout is all that’s needed for us to produce subsequent silverbook as and when you need them. Meaning you can offer wedding couples a deal that includes the standard 30 × 30 cm wedding album and 20 × 20 cm »parents' albums«, while maximising your profits.



Order an album in 30 × 30 cm or 40 × 30 cm and the smaller parents’ album (15 × 15 cm, 20 × 20 cm or 20 × 15 cm) to go with it, and we’ll throw in a second parents’ album free of charge. This does necessitate that the parents’ albums are made up to exactly the same specifications (materials & page numbers) as the wedding album.


Knocked flat.

Our atelier binds all double pages using the lay-flat/panorama technique. Meaning an open album lies absolutely »flat«. And none of the image is obscured by the binding.