A short look to our Silverbook - Manufactory.



At Silverbook we dovetail the skills of the book-binding trade with cutting-edge technology. Whether in terms of colour, durability, or processing, our images and albums reflect the utmost in quality. Each hand-crafted album is a unique specimen. Drawing on the latest in digital exposure technology, all our photos are developed using professional processing chemicals and printed on silver photo paper.

Pure silver forms the basis for a silver photo; its exposure produces photos of unsurpassed quality and longevity. Silver photos represent the zenith of the art of image production, destined to bring a lifetime of enjoyment. Professional photographers and dedicated amateurs agree that nothing beats a digitally exposed silver photo for quality of reproduction.
The Silverbook therefore represents the icing on the cake for particularly special photo shoots. Be it a first or second wedding, golden or silver wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, the building of a house, a company jubilee or a factory inauguration: whether private or professional, many happy events occur only once in a lifetime. High quality photos provide the most vivid record of the memories associated with them. Thus affording each event the level of importance attributed to it by the customer.
The design options we offer are as varied as the desires of the customer. You have a free choice of album size, individual page weight, cover colour and material. Embossing and cover detailing provide additional customisation options. Whether premium cowhide, traditional linen or Italian materials - when it comes to special requests, the choice available to our customers is practically limitless.
Upon the receipt of files, every Silverbook is individually bound and made up according to traditional book-binding methods in our atelier in Norderstedt near Hamburg. Following every stage in the production process, the product is subjected to stringent quality tests. Although every Silverbook is crafted by hand, it takes nine days at the most for the illustrated volume to be ready for presentation to the customer.


Silverbook Showroom.

Visit our showroom in Norderstedt near Hamburg! We'd be happy to provide you with more information about our Silverbooks. Draw inspiration from our sample albums and the many different forms, colours and formats. Please also feel free to pay us a visit with your business partners or colleagues. You can either use the form below to arrange an appointment or get in touch with us directly by phone.